Creating Your Initial Marketing Backlog

Marketing backlogIf you are just getting started with Agile Marketing, it can be quite intimidating to generate your initial Marketing Backlog. When I teach Agile Marketing, I walk teams through a number of exercises to generate the initial marketing backlog.  Here are five exercises to get you started:

8 Ideas in 8 Minutes

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Agile Marketing Workshop Version 2

Agile Marketing Workshop 2.0 now available for groups of 5-20 people.  See calendar below for availability in February and March.  Email me at for more information or to schedule a workshop at your organization.

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3 Stages of Agile Marketing

The Agile OrganizationIn helping a number of teams adopt Agile Marketing and observing many others, I’ve come to conclude that there are at least three stages or approaches to Agile Marketing.  They’re not necessarily sequential. I have listed them in what I consider an order of difficulty, from most straightforward to most difficult, and in order of the potential value to the organization when they’re done well.

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Improving Customer Lifetime Value with Agile Marketing

Customer Lifetime Value by SegmentCustomer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the most important metrics for any company, whether they be in retail, eCommerce, SAAS or a business to business (B2B) market with repeat buyers. But how do you improve Customer Lifetime Value? And how, with the short cycle times of Agile Marketing, can you impact something whose effects are realized over the long time periods when Customer Lifetime Value plays out?
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Explaining Agile Marketing to Skeptics

SkepticPerhaps you love Agile Marketing and are convinced it can make a difference in your organization. But your co-workers or your boss or your team if you’re the boss are skeptical. How do you convince them that Agile Marketing is worth doing? Here are four reasons for adopting Agile Marketing.

Momentum (AKA Your Competitors Are Doing Agile Marketing)

When I first got involved with Agile Marketing in 2011, there were relatively few people who had even thought about the idea, much less practiced it. Today, many people are practicing Agile Marketing.  Here is some evidence that Agile Marketing has momentum, and that your competitors are very likely practicing Agile Marketing:

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Why Agile Marketing is Here to Stay

agile marketing roadshowI was at an event in San Francisco last night put on by VentureBeat, and one of the panelists made a comment that I feel compels a response. Hiten Shah, one of the co-founders of Crazy Egg, KissMetrics and QuickSprout, and a very smart guy, said that he thought the term Agile Marketing would go away, because, he argued, all marketing would be agile.  Market Darwinism will simply eliminate marketers who aren’t agile, and so we will just say Marketing, rather than Agile Marketing.

This is a very smart approach to take at a panel, as it immediately raises the hackles of some of us who’ve invested a lot of time and energy in Agile Marketing, and every audience likes a good fight.  I suspect Hiten knows this, although he makes a valid point. If all marketing is agile, do we need to use the term? I think we do, particularly at this stage of its adoption curve, and I also think Agile Marketing is here to stay, just as Agile Software development is here to stay. [Read more…]

Google Design Sprints


Google Design Sprints were originally developed at Google Ventures to help their startups move quickly from problem to idea to prototype to feedback, all in five days time. They can, however, have much broader application, in companies of every size, and in agencies, as they work with clients to iterate on new campaigns.

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High Tempo Testing

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post about the importance of iteration and I told the story of how the Gossamer Condor team successfully claimed the Kremer Prize for manned flight after many other teams had failed.  Their secret: they could assemble a prototype, test it, and learn from it many times faster than anyone else.

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Stories, Narratives and Brand Promises

Greg Satell writes one of my favorite blogs, DigitalTonto. Through his blog, Greg introduces me to new thinking and authors who are new to me. His latest post includes a prime example: John Hagel’s distinction between Stories and Narratives.

Stories versus Narratives

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Marketing Capability Layers

I love Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist blog. Not many people know this, but a blog post by Scott in 2010 was the inspiration for this blog. I constantly find that Scott produces thoughtful, well written content.  The latest post on his blog, by guest writer Sam Melnik, [Read more…]