Here is a list of Agile Marketing Resources that John Cass and I have compiled.

Agile Marketing Blog & Agility Marketing Podcast

-Frank Day’s website, assisted by John Cass on the podcast..

HubSpot’s Agile Marketing Presentation

Agile Marketing Topic on Quora

-What physical tools are you using to practice Agile Marketing?

Greg Meyer’s Posts on Agile Marketing

Len Netti’s Agile MARKETING Mix

Agile Marketing Pinterest Board

I’m just getting started with Pinterest and I thought the tool would be great to share pictures of physical tools used for scrums and sprints.

Rohn-Jay Miller’s set of resources on Agile Marketing

Neil Perkin’s Material on Agile Planning

A presentation by Jascha Kaykas-Wolff on Agile Marketing

A presentation by Kirsten Knipp on using Scrum Outside of Development

IDC Report on Agile Marketing

A post by Heather Rast on Agile Marketing

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