Here is a list of Agile Marketing Resources:

Docurated’s List of 50 Top Agile Marketing Resources

-This is a great list of articles discussing Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing Blog & Agility Marketing Podcast

-Frank Days and Roland Smart host this invaluable podcast

San Francisco Agile Marketing Meetup Video Archive

-Some great presentations on Agile Marketing and Growth Hacking, particularly for startups

Boston Agile Marketing Meetup

This is one of the largest Agile Marketing meetups, and their presentations span both startups and large enterprise companies

Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

-Scott was one of the early proponents of Agile Marketing and continues to be one of the deep thinkers on the topic

The Agile Marketer

Andrea Fryer’s site on Agile Marketing

HubSpot’s Agile Marketing Presentation

-An older presentation, but still valuable resource on Agile Marketing by an early proponent

Agile Marketing Topic on Quora

-Some interesting discussions; topics include what tools are you using to practice Agile Marketing, how do you run Agile without cross-functional teams, what’s the best way to deploy agile marketing for marketing agencies and which are the best marketing channels for using agile marketing principles

Rohn-Jay Miller’s set of resources on Agile Marketing

Rohn-Jay was one of the attendees of Sprint Zero (where we formulated the Agile Marketing Manifesto) and has always been a good writer about all things agile.

Neil Perkin’s Material on Agile Planning

Neil was one of my earliest inspirations and writes a great blog called Only Dead Fish

Presentations by Jascha Kaykas-Wolff on Agile Marketing

Jascha has been practicing Agile Marketing longer than anyone I know, and has brought it to many different organizations.  Here are a few of his presentations on Agile Marketing:

Transitioning to Agile Marketing

An agency-oriented introduction to Agile Marketing by Erin Everhart

Kirsten Knipp on using Scrum Outside of Development

Kirsten was an early practitioner of Agile Marketing at HubSpot


A post by Heather Rast on Agile Marketing

An interesting summary of Agile Marketing for Online advertisers


  1. Jim-

    Great blog. As a marketing professional and lean startup novice (self proclaimed), I’ve been discussing the concept and the need for agile marketing for a while now with my clients and inside my agency. Especially when it comes to marketing automation, website development and helping clients implement new software. I’m currently developing a new retainer-type program that focuses on sprints and backlogs instead of milestones. Do you have any insight how to move an agency in that direction? One that offers agile marketing to clients?

    With all the outsourcing sites (odesk, elance, etc) out there, it’s pretty easy for clients to get cheap help, but most freelancers don’t offer much leadership. And that is what our clients appreciate and need the most.

    Thanks for the resources.


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    you for putting up.


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